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Your health is your Responsiblity

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You and you alone are responsible for your Health.  Money can never buy your health and you are only wealthy once your body ,mind and soul are Healthy.

What you eat and drink , think and speak is you. The medical world is not interested in healing you, they want you to control your health.

Medical funds and Drs work together to make sure that you just stay alive and the symptoms of your illness is under control. These medicine is called Chronic need to take it till the end of you life... a good way of making money out of you for life, backing by the Medical aid subscribed by a Dr.

Quanlim Life is not interested in giving you medicine , we interested in your human frame your diet and the cause en prevention of your disease. 

People are sick because of a negative emotion, this emotion cause the organs to lose the total working power. Drs will only treat the symptoms and not the cause.

Stop using any Weight loss pills or treatments, you will not lose weight on pills, find out what the working condition of you 12 major organs are and eat accordingly to their performance.  Stop drinking pills that you know nothing off. Stop listening to people working in Health shops and selling all kinds of health products.
People selling Weight loss pills of medicine are manipulating you emotionally and they use other people results to make a statement. These are not healthy as they claim.

Get to our center and let us help you to get rid of all the negative emotions that is harmful to your organs .  Your body need to balanced, your organs need to be in sync. Unless this is done nothing will help you to get your health back.

Quanlim Life will asset you and then treat you after we know how you constitution is. No where in the world is their a quick way to get healthy if you do not eat healthy or according to you constitution.

Our new program introduce in South Africa will change the medical world. We are here to heal people as never done before.

Contact us today to get all the details of what our service are.  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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